Meet Our Curated Jewellery Designers

At The Jewellery Room you can expect to find some of the most interesting jewellery designers of our time. You will find designs filled with diamonds, pearls and a high degree of personality and fashion. You can grab a necklace with your favourite letter hanging from it or grab a bracelet that screams out your star sign. Whatever you want, we have it.

We also have many high-end designers that design their jewellery in the most delicate and divine way possible. We have Ninna York that makes jewellery worn by all age and genders around the work as well as Libelula Jewellery which is a Norwegian Luxury brand and each piece of jewellery is crafted by hand in 18-carat gold and elevated with diamonds and pearls.

Nina Webrink jewellery is also present on our website, and a handcrafted gold piece from her embodies elegance, chic and classiness. Nina’s designs are fine and delicate and have an astonishing finish.

TheJewelleryRoom aims to provide you with a spiral, glacier, flame and frost earrings; whatever design you are looking for we have it. Our list of designers design each of their product with elegance and grace providing to you with the perfect end piece that will not only last long but be enough for you when you want to make a statement.

So go ahead and shop from our incredible designs and create your favourite look. Choose from our long list of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets; choose your own design and gift these products to your loved ones making them happy.

Welcome, to our world go explore and find your favourite designer among ours. We know how gorgeous our designs are and aim to satisfy you when you shop.

Why we love jewellery designers

We collect talented jewellery designers on We gather designers with exceptional creative strength, designers with a unique design language, a strong design DNA and interesting stories to tell. If you are searching for creative and highly skilled designers who present their exquisite jewellery designs to the world you have come to the right place. Our coveted jewellery designers deserve a pure, honest and professional place to present their designs, which is what TheJewelleryRoom is all about.

Designers at are part of a community. They are selected because they fit into a certain aesthetic and meet our high-quality standards. We stand behind all our jewellery designers and honestly recommend the designers we present on the platform because they are carefully selected among many jewellery designers in the world.

The designers we represent have a clear design profile and a unique design language. They stand out and have a distinctive and recognizable universe. They renew themselves and are nevertheless timeless in their designs. They are tomorrow's jewellery designers, those to watch out for if you want to be in the know and updated on what's happening on the jewellery scene right now. If you want to know who to invest in and if you want some of the coolest jewellery from the hottest jewellery designers right now you will find them in our shop.

The Great Important of Jewellery Design

All over the work women tend to wear an ample amount of jewellery. Whether it is about a bracelet, necklaces, anklet or earrings; every piece of gold jewellery is worth a lot to women. Jewellery design has been a very important part of the human culture for centuries and holds a deep significance to each of us.

Jewellery is cheery on top to help enhance and alleviate your entire outfit. An elegant outfit is not complete without the perfect designed jewellery piece. To create a chic and classy look require the need for gold along with diamonds and pearls however the design must be delicate and not very bold.

Designing is an important part when it comes to creating jewellery. Nobody today likes large pieces of stones hanging on the side of a bracelet or a large pearl shinning from the middle of their necklace. Nowadays women prefer a delicate piece of jewellery that has nothing too big on it they prefer pieces that look sophisticated and tasteful.

The Importance Of Jewellery For Woman

Women want a piece of jewellery that suits their personality and screams exquisiteness. Jewellery design is important for occasions and dress. For example, women want to wear a small thin necklace around their neck for a birthday party whereas for a formal dinner they tend to go for diamond covered cold earring hoops that will make a bold statement.

Jewellery gives women a more feminine, gorgeous and confident look. It adds to their beauty and style making them feel special. For this reason, men prefer to gift the special women in their life a piece of jewellery that is enough and aims at making them feel exceptional.

Jewellery is one of the most valued gifts given to women and with so many designs available in the market, it can be easy for a man to find a piece of jewellery that suits their wife, girlfriend or mother. However, each jewellery design is different from one another and holds a special place.

Different Gold Designs

Gold jewellery never goes out of stylishness nor does its design. As time passes by the designs becomes more exquisite and rare grabbing more attention. However, Gold purity places a strong role in its value and design.

Gold can either be 24kt, 18kt, 14kt, 10kt or 9kt. You can find the purity level ideal for you and then shop for the design you are looking for. We at TheJewelleryRoom have different gold purity levels and exquisite designs that exude excellence and are great for you. We aim at satisfying our customers, and our gold jewellery design selection is proof of that.